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"Three things I still can't get over:
-- The amazingly comprehensive and professional effort put forward to organize the
-- How absolutely crazy the downhill race run was, especially with all the cow bells and
cheering, and how I'm never ever going to ski a backcountry run that fast again."
"Thank you so much for a great day.  Although I can barely walk today, it was a great
time for me and my family."
"First of all, just wanted to say a big thank you for all of the work
that you and all of the other volunteers put in for the race. I had a
"Just wanted to send a personal note to tell you what at totally phenomenal
experience your entire event was to participate in! What an outstanding experience!
I continue to marvel at how you totally organized everything right down to the last
"Great job on Saturday - I had a blast.  Haven't skied the Bolt since 2001.  
You guys have made an amazing difference on the trail - back when I first
skied it, you could go through a pair of ski pants from all the brush and
thorns. Wish I could go for more than 30 seconds without stopping to gasp
for air, though."
"It is a pleasure to be associated with such a capable group of people,
both the TSR and Patrol. The race is a great event and I hope we can
continue the tradition. I was pleased to see the record still stands. It
means we can keep trying."
"Thanks for all your hard work. This my first race in anything and I
had a blast training for it and race day was extremely organized.  The
Banquet was also perfect. My girlfreind and I didn't know a soul, but
felt part of the community right away. And the food was great and
plentiful.  I cant believe how cheap beer is in Adams.   You guys got
real nice folks up your way."
"What a day yesterday, thanks for making the race happen. "Man, was it
a good time"
"Thanks for the terrific race yesterday.  What a great experience, and what
a tremendous effort put forth by all of the race staff, volunteers, and hosts.   
Having done running races, triathlons, and other events, this is hands
down the best run and most fun event.  Not to mention an amazing
"Thanks so much for organizing the race yesterday. As I skinned up I was
thinking how I felt privileged to be able to participate in such a cool event.
The atmosphere on top was really neat as everyone got ready to go and
the start was really well organized and the ski down was a hoot though
quite exhausting, I do not think I had ever gone all out skiing for 6 minutes
"It was a “SUPER” day….Thanks"
"What a great race. It was really exciting. All the organizers and volunteers
did a great job. Thank you so much. And the spectators were terrific too: it's
just awesome to do a ski race that's five minutes long and have people
cheering and shouting and ringing cowbells the whole way down
"The race team did a phenomenal job. As a racer, everything went off
without a hitch. Thank you for making it such a special day."
"Thank you Thunderbolt Ski Runners for breathing life back into this
historic race and for taking such good care of this magnificent trail.
Hooray for your 2nd year and a toast to MANY more!!"
"It was amazing!! You guys did a great job, it was so nice to see so many
people cheering you on...hope to see you again next year!"
"Thanks to all the volunteers yesterday and the ski patrol!! What a
amazing day!!!"
"I think we all owe a debt if gratitude to the Thunderbolt Ski Runners and
the race volunteers for bringing this awesome event to our community
once again. Thanks!
"Just wanted to say thanks again for putting on a great event!
The Thunderbolt Ski Runners have set a new standard for themselves
and others around the region.  The entire effort is a role model for
rejuvenating the classic New England ski experience.
Glad to see TSR and Adams MA making a lot of new friends!"
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