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Thunderbolt Ski Runners and Race Committee on the summit before their runs.
Building a Class A Championship Ski
25 men, 3 months, and 300
pounds of dynamite
Modern Downhill Ski or Snowboard
75th Anniversary Thunderbolt Ski Race
Entry Fee...
A Once in a Life-Time Chance to Race A
“Just wanted to let you and everyone know what a great time we had at the race.  I also
wanted you to know how impressed we were with the degree of professionalism and
attention to detail to commemorate this historic event, even down to the finish line flag being
an accurate reproduction of the original.  Coming from the Connecticut coast, we were
blown away driving through town after the race.  We knew it was going to be big, but we
were in awe to see the level of participation by the entire community.  Everyone we talked to
seemed to have a sense of what a historic undertaking this was.  I am proud to have been
part of this event and to have met so many great people, who shared their  enthusiasm for
this historic skiing event, Mount Greylock, and The Thunderbolt.  We salute you all.  We
are definitely in for next year!”

“You and your staff did a fantastic job of organizing the event.  I'm involved with the Josh
Billings Committee and know what it takes to pull off a major event like this.”

“The race was sensational”

“I just want to take a moment to thank you for all of your efforts in putting this race together.
It was top notch all the way around. I directed recreational races all over New England in the
Late 80's & early 90's, sponsored by Chrysler & Mitsubishi, so I know the effort involved in
putting an event on. I cannot imagine what was involved in putting on a race with No Lift, No
snowmaking, & No grooming. You and your staff, & everyone involved are a credit to Skiing ,
and a huge asset to Berkshire County.  All the old thunderbolt racers, and skiers from the
30's & 40's would be very proud, and have a huge smile on their face! Thank You once
again for a job well done.”

“Awesome event. I had the best time. Thank you for all your hard work."

“You guys did a hell of a job! Everyone I have talk to so far (both spectators and volunteers)
had such a great time...even with the crappy weather. Another chapter has been added to
the history books!”

“Thanks for all the hard work.  Super organized and well planned.”

“Great Job with the WHOLE event! Just can't say enough about how great it was and getting
the Bolt back to it's glory."

“I have attended may events (outside of skiing) and yours was by far one the most well
organized.  All the staff were great.”
this all was...you have done yourself proud you have done Charlie Parker, Rudy,
Greenie, Bill, Adolph and all the Adams Ski Runners proud and written yourself into
the next history of Mount Greylock and the Thunderbolt. What you pulled of is
amazing. Right now you are all Kings of the Mountain.  Thank you so much!”

“Awesome, awesome job.....”

“Your committee,volunteers, and friends did an extraordinary task of organizing
such a wonderful event.  You all are to be congratulated.”

“You did a great job and it showed. I just wanted to say that I thought the award
ceremony was the high point for me. The Thunderbolt is an important part of the
regional culture and to bring the old racers in and get the community involved as
you did was brilliant.”

“A Big Thanks to a great event, everyone really had a ton of fun!”

“What a wonderful event that was. Thank you so much for making this happen.  As
the Sole Representative of the Schussverein Club (Bartlett NH) I can assure you
that I will relay to the club what a succesful production it was.”

“... amaaaaaaazing job! everybody had the best time ever!”

“It was an amazing race!!  I left at 4:30am from Brooklyn.  And had such a great
time at the party.  I couldn't believe there were cowbells cheering me on at every
turn -- I never would have finished without all of the volunteers.”

“Thank you SO MUCH!!!  Again, what a great experience.  I'm really happy to have
been a part of it.  The enthusiasm of the crowd at the race and especially at the
party afterwards was indeed once in a lifetime.”

“The Thunderbolt Group did it!  You organized and carried off a very successful
event. Numerous comments were made from the side lines on what a great event
this was.  Kudos to all of you.”

"Congratulations on an extremely well-organized and well-run event.  Given the
conditions on race day, other organizations might have thrown in the towel but the
professionalism and dedication of your volunteers kept it all on track.   All things
considered the race was more difficult and demanding than the Stowe Derby the
previous week.    If people ask how best to train for the event I would recommend
skiing long and hard at Mad River Glen."